Red Ribbon Week


Red Ribbon Week

October 31- November 4 2016 

Your student will be participating in Red Ribbon Week daily activities to encourage them to “Gallop to Greatness….by making good choices.”  Here is how they can participate each day to make Red Ribbon Week a success.

Monday: Bring the Cutout Bronco and Flag Pole that were sent home on October 25th take home Tuesday.  Have your student write a goal on their flag pole for example “What they want to be when they grow OR attend college or get straight A’s”.  Also, have them write on the Bronco an action that will get them to their goal.  Decorate your Bronco if you would like.  Teachers will place these outside their classroom for display for the week.

Tuesday: Your student will tie a Red Ribbon on the fence –The students will be given a piece of red ribbon to tie around the fence (either by the gate to carline or by the fitness center) This is to pledge to be all they can be by “saying no to drugs” There will be a banner that will be reused every year that says “Mary Bryant Elementary Says, No to Drugs”.

Wednesday: Stay grounded in your good choices!!  PTA is donating a tree to signify our decision to “Say no to Drugs”.   Students will receive a tag to wear or put on their backpack that says “Respect yourself”.

Thursday: “My future is so bright I have to wear shades!”  Students will wear sunglasses to bring awareness to their future of ALWAYS making good choices which will affect their future.  Students will sign a pledge to “Be all that they can be”

Friday: Final Day……Wear RED day to celebrate a successful Red Ribbon Week.

Thank you for your support and participation!

Ellen Oberschall – Principal

Karen Nalywajko – Red Ribbon Week Chair

Fatima Stark – Guidance Counselor

Eirene Mathews-  PTA Programs