Volunteer of the Month



Every month we choose a Volunteer of the Month based on volunteer hours logged (either at school, on field trips or at home), as well as willingness to help and dedication to the school! Although the Volunteer of the Month is recognized in both PTA and school newsletters, the best part is the awesome Parking Spot at the front of the school that can be yours for one month!

October 2022 Volunteers of the Month

Congratulations of our TWO Volunteers of the Month- Jumana Chehayeb and Leslie Harms!

Jumana Chehayeb

Jumana has two daughters (Amani and Nour) and has continuously been active in our school over the years.  This past month Jumana has supported the teacher classrooms as they requested help, chaperoned for the third grade field trip, signed up for multiple shifts for the Fall Book Fair AND Gallop to Greatness, as wekk as helped for the Book Character Parade.  She is also quick to reach out prior to events and ask if any last minute help is needed.

Leslie Harms

Leslie has two sons (Mitchell and Will) and is the co-chair for the Gallop to Greatness.  She has been working the Gallop to Greatness for three years and was an intergral part of our event that helped the school raise over $82,000 this year- money that will be used to update the Media Center and STEM Lab, provide wayfinding signage and improve the school’s technology.  Leslie spent countless hours managing the fundraiser, finding sponsors, and planning that fun day for the kids to celebrate!

September 2022 Volunteer of the Month

Congratulations to our September Volunteer of the Month, Tammy Sedey! Tammy has a first grader at Mary Bryant and has been coming into the school to read in the classroom on a recurring schedule. Not only has she been at the school this past month continuously, but she also volunteered as the chairperson for Red Ribbon Week this year, as well as, co-chair for the Holiday Gift Shop! We cannot thank you enough and hope that the volunteer of the month parking spot during the month of October is a little something to show how much we appreciate your support and sacrifice of time.