Junior Achievement

JAJunior Achievement (JA) provides lesson plans and materials designed specifically for each grade level that teaches the students about financial literacy, economy, and business entrepreneurship. Each class at Mary Bryant must have at least one volunteer presenting the program.
This is a great opportunity to enter your child’s classroom and become “teacher for the day”. There are five lesson plans and each lesson actually takes up to or less than 60 minutes. You and your teacher will develop a teaching schedule that is suitable for both of you. On the days of FCAT testing volunteers are not allowed on campus until after noon. However, classes can begin as soon as the teacher can incorporate them into his or her daily routine.

To learn more, please join us for our JA introductory/refresher meeting with Tampa’s JA coordinator, Shaney Nadel, TBD in the MPR. Please RSVP via JA@BryantPTA.com.

Because of it’s popularity among previous volunteers, the classes fill up quickly. If you are unable to make the meeting, please contact JA@BryantPTA.com and set up an appointment to discuss the program and review the materials provided in the classroom kit.

Chairperson(s): Elizabeth Heshani Jayawardhana

Questions: Email JA@BryantPTA.com