**August 2022- dry fit polos are currently on backorder from the vendor, which is causing shipping delays.  

Mary E. Bryant Elementary has a uniform policy that must be worn every day of the week. A different uniform can be worn on Friday (last day of the week). These items can be purchased from local retailers or through the Mary Bryant Online Ordering Site at www.bryantuniforms.com

Make sure to check your email for order confirmation BEFORE resubmitting an order as this creates a duplicate order.

Uniform Details


Tan (khaki) or navy blue pants, walking shorts (finger-tip length), jumpers, skirts, dresses, or capri pants. No logos, designs, or ornamentations are permitted.


Shirts must be uniform style polo shirts with a collar or a solid colored t-shirt. The colors must be navy blue, gray or white. No logos, designs, patterns or ornamentations are permitted. Only the Mary Bryant Elementary logo is permitted on shirts.

Dress Uniform

For special events, such as award assemblies, fall pictures, field trips and group pictures, students will be required to wear a dress uniform. The dress uniform for Mary Bryant Elementary shall be described as a navy blue collared polo shirt (with logo) and tan (khaki) slacks or skirt.

Friday (last day of the week) uniform

On Friday (or the last day of the week), a special uniform can be worn.

Denim shorts, jeans, athletic shorts, or sweatpants are permitted.

Spirit Shirt is a t-shirt with a fun design which can be worn with bottoms described above. The design on the shirt changes every year. Designs from previous years and t-shirts received throughout the year from fun school related programs such as 5K Run, Boosterthon, Jumprope4Heart, Chess Club, etc., can be worn as well.

If you have any questions please contact uniforms@bryantpta.com.